Boeing 747-400 Simulator - Sydney, Australia

The cockpit was restored from a 1974 model Boeing 747-200. over the past 5 years it has progressively been stripped back to bare metal and rebuilt as a 747-400 Simulator. The gallery below shows the process of the cockpits initial conversion and stage 1 restoration, as well as its installation in the custom designed garage to accomodate it. 

At the completion of the initial stage of restoration, the cockpit looked as you see it pictured below. There are still elements of the 747-200, but slowly these elements were being phased out.

The next phase was to remove the rest of these 747-200 elements. The liners and trim were all removed, as well as the racks and structures from the sidewalls and roof. The throttle quadrant was also removed to make way for that of a 747-400.